Compendium 2003 - ANA - Basic Information

Full name of the organisation (in English) Albanian Academic Network
Full name of the organisation in the national language(s) Rjeti Akademik Shqiptar
Abbreviation in English ANA
Abbreviation in national language(s) RASH
Visiting address
City / Postal code  
Postal address (if different) c/o INIMA, Rr. Lek Dukagjini 3
Postal code TIRANA
Country Albania
Year the first research network operations started  
Year in which research networking was started as a dedicated organisational unit  
Year in which the NREN was founded in its current form  
History URL  
Fax +355 4 247316
Phone +355 4 362968
General e-mail address
Convention used for individual e-mail addresses  

Remarks regarding this section The Albanian Academic Network (ANA) is in a transitory phase - the network is in a creation process.
There is no inter-institutional academic network backbone in Albania, at the moment different institutions are connected separately to the Internet.
The Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (INIMA), which managed the old metropolitan network in Tirana (project of UNDP, 1985-1993), is formally charged with the state computer network (decision of government, 1996).
There is no legal entity and no permanent official site for ANA.
Fax, phone and email are contact details for Prof. Dr. Neki Frasheri, vice-director of INIMA and secretary of Technical Board of ANA.