Technical Advice for the TERENA Community

The TERENA Community has been undertaking Technical Development in the field of networking and associated services over many years. As a consequence, a great deal of knowledge and expertise has been built up in our community.

A major role for TERENA has always been the dissemination of information. As a service to its membership, TERENA is able to coordinate requests for technical information or advice.

This page explains how the service can be used;

  1. The service is only open to organisations that fall within the TERENA membership. The TERENA membership includes the member NREN's plus institutions (such as universities, research centres and colleges) connected by them.

    We can only guarantee a follow up for requests for advice coming from this community.

  2. Questions should be restricted to the field of networking and associated services.
  3. Requests for information or advice should be sent by email to
  4. The TERENA Technical Staff will review the request and acknowledge the receipt of the email.
  5. The TERENA Technical Staff will either answer the question themselves if they feel able or consult with members of the TERENA Task Forces or other experts known to the staff.
  6. An answer will be emailed to the requesting TERENA Member and the information entered into the TERENA knowledge base - It is expected that in due course, the knowledge base will be made available online through a link from this page.