Michael Nowlan (IT Manager)

Michael Nowlan is IT Manager at the Amsterdam office of the GÉANT Association - formerly the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, (TERENA). He joined TERENA in January 2013 and is responsible for managing the Technical Programme and the technical staff at the Secretariat.

Michael has been involved with research networking since 1983 when HEAnet, Ireland’s NREN (national research and education networking organisation), began. His activities started out at the technical level, leading the technical programme until full time staff were appointed, and then he was part of the interim directorate until the company was formed. He then served as a board member until his retirement.

Michael's primary job, however, was in IT Support at Trinity College Dublin, until he retired as Director of Information Systems Services at the end of 2007.

Since 2008 Michael has worked as a consultant, mostly in the higher education and networking area, and has been involved in many research networking projects such as the EARNEST study on campus networking, the FEAST project aimed at the development of research networking in Africa, and he recently led the ASPIRE study about the future of NRENs.

Michael graduated with a BSc from the National University of Ireland and an MSc from Dublin University.