Karim Mostafi (Communications Officer)

Karim Mostafi is a Communications Officer at the Amsterdam office of the GÉANT Association - formerly the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, (TERENA). He joined TERENA in December 2013.

Karim graduated in Journalism in 2001 and earned a Master’s degree in Communication Science before starting a career reporting on new technology, computing and e-business for the Dutch daily newspaper ‘SP!TS’. During and after that period, he gradually shifted to writing about another passion of his: motorcycles. In 2007 his move from journalism to communications and PR came as a natural result of this interest: he became the spokesperson for Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V., a multinational, multi-cultural organisation. This was a great opportunity to learn a lot about working in a complex international business environment with people of many nationalities. Developments in the motorcycle industry go quickly and there was never a dull moment. However, after five years it was time for Karim to move on, eventually leading to a position at TERENA as part of the communications team.

In his spare time, Karim enjoys riding, racing and maintaining motorbikes; playing the drums and guitar; and reading - mostly philosophy and politics-related books. A book he recommends, that brilliantly connects motorcycles with philosophy, is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig (1974).