Gyöngyi Horváth (Conference Organiser)

Gyöngyi Horváth is the Conference Organiser at the Amsterdam office of the GÉANT Association - formerly the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, (TERENA). She joined TERENA in November 2007. Recently her responsibility have expanded to become a member of the Management Team.

Gyöngyi was born in Hungary and graduated from the University of Miskolc in 2002, with a Masters Degree in Sociology.

Since joining TERENA, Gyöngyi has been coordinating the annual TNC conferences, GN3plus project internal events (Symposium and Project Management Convention) and various other networking events (EUMED, Eastern Partnership Event). Her role has evolved over the years from coordinating event logistics to more outreach activities, such as taking part in the Internet2 and NORDUnet conference programme committees, and developing the organisation's fundraising approach and sponsorship brochure.

Gyöngyi's achievements include significant growth in the levels of TNC sponsorship and on-site and on-line participation during recent years, and coordinating with the communications and ITS teams to plan, develop and implement the conference websites and social media mash-up pages. She also helped to attract new associate members for the organisation.

Before joining TERENA, Gyöngyi worked in various international environments. In 2004 she moved to the non-profit sector, working for the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager. At EYCA she organised international conferences in different European locations, managed a Europe-wide focus group research project called EYCAdemy, and also coordinated the production of cards.

In 2005, Gyöngyi joined the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), as the Assistant to Head of Regional Delegation in Budapest. Her main responsibilities were to organise international conferences and meetings and to coordinate the production of the IFRC's magazine, ‘Bridge’. She also helped develop the Regional Delegation's intranet webpages.

In 2006 she was deployed to the IFRC Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, where her main responsibility was to support organisation of the European Regional Conference, manage the Europe-wide intranet webpages, and to develop conference online registrations and sites as well as continuing to coordinate ‘Bridge’ magazine production.

In her spare time Gyöngyi plays the clarinet and likes to draw, paint and read. In addition to Hungarian and English, she speaks German and a little French. Dutch is now one of her objectives. When she still has some energy left, she also jogs, plays tennis and skis.