Christian Gijtenbeek (Senior Software Engineer)

Christian Gijtenbeek is Senior Software Engineer at the Amsterdam office of the GÉANT Association - formerly the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, (TERENA). Christian joined TERENA October 2005.

In 2005, Christian graduated from the University of Utrecht with a Masters degree in Science and Innovation Management. Whilst he was studying, he ran his own Web development/consultant company.

Christian has designed numerous software projects such as

  • TACAR. A trusted repository to safely store and securely distribute verified root Certification Authority (CA) certificates.
  • CORE. Open source software to manage conferences, including comprehensive submission/review process and conference schedule generation.
  • NREN Compendium. An authoritative reference source for anyone with an interest in the development of research and education networking in Europe and beyond.
  • EventR. The leading online calendar and event registration tool for the research and education networking community.
  • TERENA's Information Architecture. Forming a lynchpin of TERENA‚Äôs IT strategy, creating efficiencies and help to address issues such as data quality and disparate data systems.
  • TERENA's account linking module. A SimpleSAML module allowing users from different IdPs to sign in to our services, while retaining a unique identifier.
  • NREN Service Matrix. A matrix intended to provide a comprehensive overview of all services that GEANT NRENs offer nationally.

Christian is a strong believer in free and open source software technologies making most of the code available through github. If it doesn't fix the needs of customers, don't do it.

In his spare time, Christian enjoys spending time with loves ones, sports, food, aesthetics and singing.