Valentino Cavalli (General Manager)

Valentino Cavalli manages the Amsterdam office of the GÉANT Association - formerly the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, (TERENA). Valentino joined TERENA as a Project Development Officer in 1999, becoming the Chief Technical Officer in 2008 and Acting Secretary General in 2012.

For several years Valentino led TERENA’s Networking Development Support activities, which help less advanced countries to develop their research and education networking infrastructure and services. These activities are partly supported by the GÉANT project funded by European NRENs and the European Commission.

Valentino was also involved in other projects addressing network connectivity and services for the research and education community. For example he edited the ‘Report on the Availability and Characteristics of Equipment for Next-generation Networks’ in the 2003 foresight study, SERENATE. He was the project manager of the SEEFIRE project to assess the feasibility of acquiring dark fibre by national research and education networking organisations in southeast Europe.

Before joining TERENA, Valentino worked as a Research Manager for Omega, an Italian IT company, where he was responsible for a number of projects under the European Commission Fourth Framework Programme. He graduated in philosophy from the University of Urbino in Italy in 1987.