Marko Bonač (Treasurer)

Marko Bonač is the Director of ARNES, the Slovenian national research and education network (NREN). When he joined the organisation in 1992 he was the sole employee: now there are 37 highly qualified experts.

Marko has been involved in many national and international projects in the ICT field. He led the research group for 'Electronic directories' (X.500) and also took part in some projects in the EUREKA framework (e.g. COSINE).

He was involved in preparing proposals for the use of structural funds in Slovenia. As a lecturer in workshops and author of many articles, he tried to persuade the Slovenian authorities and general public that it would be beneficial to end the monopoly of Telekom Slovenia, to establish a competitive telecommunications market and to transpose corresponding EC Directives as soon as possible.

From 2001 to 2005 Marko served on the Management Committee of CEENet (Central and Eastern European Networking Association), which participated in projects financed by NATO's Science Program in less developed countries.

He was involved in preparation and execution of the project 'Safer Internet Programme in Slovenia' which was supported by the European Commission and had ARNES as one of the partners. He was also involved in the project 'Spletno oko-Hotline' for dealing with reports of illegal and harmful content on the internet in Slovenia.

In 2007 Marko was elected to the Executive Committees of the GN2 project (which built the multi-Gigabit European Network GÉANT2), in the Sixth Framework Programme and later to the Executive Committee of the GN3 project. He is a board member of EURid, a not-for-profit organisation established in Belgium and selected by the European Commission to operate the new .eu top level domain. He is also an elected member of the management board of SISPA (Association of Slovenian Internet Service Providers).

He was a member of the Steering Committee for the SERENATE project, which produced a series of strategic studies into the future of research and education networking in Europe. The project started in May 2002 and was completed in December 2003.

Marko was elected to the Executive Committee of TERENA in 2003, serving as 'Member at Large' for an initial three year period before being re-elected for a second term. In 2011 he was elected to the Executive Committee of TERENA as a Treasurer.

In his spare time, Marko runs on a regular basis and participates in marathons. He also enjoys trekking in mountainous terrain.