Jan Meijer

Jan Meijer of UNINETT was lauded for sharing the idea of a file transport service for research and education - an idea which was discussed in the TERENA task force TF-Storage chaired by Jan, and then developed into the open-source FileSender software under Jan's leadership. This simple-to-use, federated, web-based application allows users to share arbitrarily large files with a private audience through a trusted intermediary. By the time of TNC2014, FileSender was deployed by almost 40 NRENs, institutions and other organisations around the world. November 2014 marks the fifth anniversary of the first FileSender release. Data shows there has been a steady growth in usage during the past five years. New releases planned for 2014 will improve the speed of uploads and the protection of downloads, and will add encryption and multi-file support. The FileSender project is funded by AARNet, Arnes, BELNET, CSC/FUNET, HEAnet, SURFnet, and UNINETT.

What the judges said:

"Our community has produced another great service that is useful and being widely used, thanks to Jan's idea and leadership."

Further information

More about UNINETT and FileSender.

The TNC presentation can be viewed via TERENAtube (from 26'55").

The 2014 panel of judges

Dorte Olesen (Technical University of Denmark) - former TERENA president and chair of the GÉANT NREN Policy Committee;
Pierre Bruyère (Belnet) - TERENA President;
John Boland (HEAnet) - CEO of the TNC2014 host organisation;
Erik Huizer (SURFnet) - Chair of the TNC2014 Programme Committee.