Award Winners

In 2012, during the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), TERENA began presenting tokens of its respect and gratitude to members of the research and education networking community in recognition of special contributions made to R&E networking, collaborative activities and the development of new services and technologies.

From 2014, sponsorship by the GÉANT project has provided administrative support that allowed these community awards to be opened up to nominations from across the community, and selection of winners by a panel of judges.

TERENA and GÉANT honour people who have shared their ideas, expertise and time with the community, recognising that such contributions are often provided voluntarily and through good will.

TERENA also values the contributions of young research and education networkers and welcomes ‘fresh blood’ in the community. To allow students to participate in the TNC free of charge, TERENA has been working with sponsor organisations, Cisco Systems and Internet Society, to give a prize to Student Award Winners whose posters have been submitted, selected for presentation at TNC, and chosen as the best that year.

Community Award Winners

Student Award Winners