TERENA's Structure

The GÉANT Association's main bodies include:

General Assembly (GA)

The GA is the highest authority in the GÉANT Association. It is comprised of representatives of the Association members and meets several times a year to discuss policy issues concerning the association.

The GA elects the members of the Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing the management of the organisation.

Board of Directors (BoD)

The BoD oversees the management of the organisation. It consists of a Chair and up to eight members. The members of the BoD are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year term of office. No person may serve on the BoD for an uninterrupted period of more than six years.

Technical Committee (TTC)

The TTC is a group of experienced and knowledgeable networking professionals whose task is to coordinate and supervise the Technical Programme. The TTC is chaired by one of the Board members and comprises one of the General Managers, and a maximum of six other members with particular expertise in specific technical areas.

Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

The TAC usually meets once a year at the annual TNC. It provides the members with an opportunity to advise on the direction of the Technical Programme, suggest new initiatives, exchange information with each other about national networking activities, and propose TTC members.

The TAC is chaired by one of the Board members, and comprises one of the General Managers and up to three technical representatives from each member. Representatives of other organisations closely involved with the Technical Programme may attend at the invitation of the Chairman.

Amsterdam Office

The employees of the Association carry out the day-to-day activities of the Association under the guidance of the BoD. The Amsterdam office consists of a small professional staff based in the Office in Amsterdam.