Minutes of the 6th TERENA General Assembly



Hotel Toplice, Bled, Slovenia
24 Oct 1996 14:00 - 18:00
25 Oct 1996 09:00 - 12:30

1. Welcome and Apologies

The list of participants and apologies received is appended to these minutes.
The representatives of CARNET (Croatia) and the Academy of Science (Ukraine)
were only able to attend on the second day though Croatia provided an observer
for the first day.

The number of votes represented of the 134 possible (135 after agenda item 4a) was
78 (79 after agenda item 4a) during most of 24 October and 84 on 25 October.

2. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved though item 4 was moved and taken after item 5 to
accommodate the late arrival of the Russian representatives seeking acceptance of
a change of TERENA national member for that country.

3. Minutes and Action List of Previous Meeting

3a) Minutes of the 5th TERENA General Assembly, 16/17 May 1996

D06-01 The General Assembly approved the final draft minutes of the 5th TERENA General Assembly meeting, 16/17 May 1996, Budapest GA(96)018, without change.

3b) GA Action List Update

The General Assembly noted the update of the GA Action list, GA(96)025

4. Membership Matters

4a) Changes

The GA was asked to note the following changes in representation which have
been requested by member organizations since the previous General Assembly

Masoud Saffari replaces Ebrahim N. Mashayekh as the deputy representative of
IPM (Iran).

Mr Julian Popa and Mr Joan Constantin have been appointed as representatives of
the Ministry of Research and Technology (Romania) following the previously
notified resignation of Mr Adrian Toia.

United Kingdom
Following the secondment of John Dyer to the TERENA Secretariat, notification
has been received from UKERNA appointing Dr David Hartley as their
representative with Dr. John Kwan as deputy.

Following Gary Cantwell's return to America Peter Szmulik is appointed as
deputy representative for DEC.

A letter has been received appointing Urs Eppenberger in place of Theodor Hatt as
the representative of SWITCH.

The GA was asked to note the following potential change of organization:

We have been contacted by Mr Nikolay Listopad, Director of the Computer and
Analytical Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of
Belarus. His organization wishes to replace the current Belarus member,UNIBEL .
An official letter has been requested and confirmation sought from the current
UNIBEL representative from whom no letter of resignation has yet been received.

TUVAKA, the organization formerly representing Turkey, has been abolished
and replaced by ULAKBIM. Formal notification is awaited for presentation to the

The GA were asked to approve the following change in National Member and
application for Membership:

Russian Federation

A letter was presented to the meeting by Prof. Mikhail Alfimov in which the
Minister Fortov nominated the Russian Foundation for Basic Research as the
organization to represent the Russian Federation at TERENA. This was
unanimously accepted by the GA.

An application from EENET, Estonia to join TERENA was presented to the meeting
by Mr Enok Sein who was warmly welcomed by those present.

D06-02 The GA unanimously accepted the change in organization representing the Russian Federation.
D06-03 The GA unanimously approved acceptance of EENet's application to join TERENA as the national member for Estonia who will have one vote and pay one fee unit per year membership fee.

4b) Unpaid Fees

The GA was asked to note the list of outstanding membership fees for 1995 and 1996
as detailed in Tsec(96)116. It should be noted that the 1996 fee from Turkey was
received whilst the meeting was in progress.

The treasurer reminded the GA that the 1996 financial outlook presented with the
budget assumed payment of all outstanding membership fees and that it was very
important for the financial stability and continuing work of TERENA that these
outstanding amounts be paid promptly . Any member with genuine difficulty in
paying outstanding fees was asked to contact the treasurer to discuss alternatives
for resolving the problem.

New Action
A06-01 All members with outstanding fees to arrange for early settlement of these
debts and to contact TERENA for any help that can be given to facilitate speedy

5. Secretariat and Financial Matters.

5a) TERENA Staffing Report.

An update was given of the staffing position since production of the documentation
for the meeting:

The following Ripe NCC vacancies have been filled:
Eamon McGuiness : hostmaster
John Bredo Øveraas : hostmaster
Chris Fletcher : network engineer

Following the resignation of PDO, Ariel Sobelman from 31.12.96, TERENA are
looking for a new Project Development Officer. The vacancy has been posted to the
TERENA Web site and the GA were asked to mention this before the 1 November
deadline to any suitable candidates they may know of.

The GA were reminded that the secondment of the current Secretary General,
Karel Vietsch, ends on 28 February 1996 and were informed that the TERENA
Executive Committee have approached him regarding the possibility of staying
on in the position. Dr Vietsch responded that he was currently assessing the
financial consequences of leaving his current job before negotiating with the TEC
but was seriously considering staying on. ThGA was pleased to receive this
It was stressed that the Secretariat needs staff with expertise and dedication and
that it is not easy to find such people. Praise was expressed for the current
management team, Karel Vietsch, Fay Howard and John Dyer, for the work they
haveinitiated with the aim of establishing a good technical programme and
improving the financial and administrative aspects of TERENA.

5b) Secretariat Report

The following report was given on Secretariat issues:

There is now a three-person management team in place. The Chief Technical
Officer coordinate's the technical activities of the secretariat and the
Executive Officer the administrative tasks. The Secretary General, while keeping
overall responsibility, will concentrate on policy and representation.

The CTO has been organizing the technical programme and the sharing of work
between the PDOs and himself. Each Task Force and Working Group has a PDO
and a deputy assigned to it.

New computer systems have been installed, with financial support of the
SCIMITAR project, for TERENA's internal mail, and for multimedia/video
conferencing. Maintenance of these machines has been outsourced until the end of
1996 but TERENA await the quote for 1997 before deciding whether to continue
this arrangement or look for alternatives.
The external information services have been moved to SURFnet a service
available under the existing contract between TERENA and SURFnet. The
external mailing lists have been moved to the TERENA owned GUM NCC
computer system at Nijmegen.
IT support for the Secretariat Mackintosh desk top computers has been outsourced
to an expert on an on-call basis.

The revision of the TERENA Web pages has been completed and information is
kept up to date. Work has been done by the P.R./ Conferences Officer in the
coordination of a standard image for TERENA. This includes presentations such as
transparencies for use at all sorts of events. It was agreed that it is important that
all relevant documents, including those for GA meetings, be available on line.

The large number of new employers has created much work in the Personnel area
with employment contracts and other recruitment duties. The 'Terms of
Employment' last revised in 1991 are currently being updated. The position
of the Officer Manager has been redefined as Personnel and
Organization Officer to accommodate the growth and to provide focused
management of all Contracts to which TERENA is a party.

In additional to Personnel the contract handling and bookkeeping work for RIPE
NCC are growing with the increased activities and number of Contributors there.
RIPE NCC and TERENA managers are reviewing procedures and division of work
to avoid backlogs and ensure prompt handling of communications to and about RIPE
NCC Contributors.

With the nature of activities undertaken now different and more diverse than in
previous times the position regarding VAT and Company Tax is changed.
An agreement on VAT was last sought when the major RARE activity was the
Cosine project but that finished in 1993. The Dutch Tax Authorities have
therefore been approached with the assistance of tax advisers and a new ruling
obtained. VAT is not applicable to TERENA membership fees but itdoes apply to
contributions and payments for projects, to conferences and workshops and to
charges for GUM NCCand RIPE NCC services .
If reserves are built up in the Netherlands then Company tax must be paid and an
approach is to be made to the Dutch Tax Authorities on this aspect also. This is
not so relevant to TERENA where reserves are not being accumulated but will
effect RIPE NCC. With the growth described earlier they need to build a reserve
as a buffer in case things change and the operation shrink again. There
may also be Company tax liabilities in respect of the clearing house activities
undertaken for Ebone until 1 July 1996. A meeting with the tax advisers to discuss
these issues and the approach to the Tax Authorities is scheduled for 4/11/96.

The TEC decided to discontinue from 1 July the work carried out for Ebone by
TERENA Secretariatnfollowing the departure of Marieke Dekker on a one year
absence. The clearing house facility is now provided by UNI-C in Copenhagen
and the Ebone funds held by TERENA are to be passed to them.
Ebone was not a legal entity at this time and TERENA therefore wanted UNI-C to
take responsibility for any financial claims that could possibly be made upon
TERENA in respect of Ebone activities and finances. This proved more complex
than expected as UNI-C, being essentially part of the Danish government, was
unable to sign such an indemnity.
Outstanding financial issues such as tax had therefore to be resolved before
TERENA could relinquish all Ebone funds to UNI-C.
The main areas of concern were VAT, on which a satisfactory ruling has been
obtained from the tax authorities, and company tax on which an approach has
been made as reported earlier.
Ebone has now formed itself into a legal entitiy under Danish law, an association
which owns a limited liability company. TERENA has decided to transfer some of
the Ebone funds to the Association but to retain sufficient to pay the likely
company tax demand. An agreement with the Ebone Association to honour these
demands is now sought pending settlement of tax issues.

Financial procedures at the secretariat are being reviewed and more sophisticated
bookkeeping and financial management introduced. New cash flow management
will enable better investment of funds on which it should be possible to get a little
more interest.

In addition to the new procedures for collecting membership fees approved
by the GA in Budapest ,new procedures for monitoring and chasing outstanding
debts are to be introduced.
The old EARN debt (FrF 216,613) of DFN is still being pursued and the TERENA
treasurer has contacted DFN to advise that TERENA does not consider that this
debt can be written off.
The possibility of a compromise is also being investigated whereby the debt is
converted into some mutually acceptable project funding or is paid off in stages.
DFN are considering these options though no response has been received to date.
If no satisfactory conclusion is reached the matter will be put to the members at
the next GA meeting.

New Action
A06 - 02 Secretariat to ensure that documentation for futureGA meetings is also available electronically.

6. TERENA in 1997

6a) Activity Plan 1997
The Secretary General introduced the new style activity plan, incorporating the
1997 budget. A detailed presentation was given and then the floor invited to

The EU representative pointed out that there is just a short time left in which
TERENA can contribute to the Vth Frame Work Programme of the EU and that
any statement on this should be made by the end of the year. The President
stressed that TERENA is keen to contribute to the discussions on the Vth Frame
Work Programme and encouraged GA members to participate also. A small
strategy group has been formed to put together a position paper and this is an
outstanding action item from the previous GA meeting .
It was pointed out that TERENA members could work through the ministries in
the member states and the European Parliament to make those who will
go to Brussels to define the Vth Frame Work aware of the TERENA community 's

6b) Decision Budget 1997

Attention was drawn to the estimated Net Result for 1996 which is considerably
better than budgeted. The main reason for this is that the SCIMITAR activities
are being carried out by the regular technical and administrative staff and not an
additional employee as originally envisaged. This results in additional income
for 'personnel costs retrieved' and hence a smaller overall deficit.
The budget for 1997 includes personnel costs which are a direct extrapolation of the
present staffing situation. In answer to concern about the ratio of administrative
staff costs in relation to technical staff it was pointed out that some
administrative staff costs are charged out to projects and services andthat some of
this applies also to the Secretary General's and the Executive Officer's time.
Care is taken to make administrative work as efficient as possible and the current
size of the administrative staff is considered to be the minimum for TERENA's
present level of activities.
Comment was made that the improved bookkeeping procedures will bring better
reporting and enable more analysis of spending and better investment of funds.

An overall net result of minus 119k ECU includes use of ECU 100k of TERENA
reserves, expected to be ECU 700k by the end of 1996, to start up pilot phases of
techhnical projects. In response to concern expressed about a budget with a
substantial negative result it was pointed out that if successful money would be
returned when funding obtained for these projects as they move into the full stages.
If the method is not successful it will of course not be repeated.

6c) Decision Membership Fees 1997

The budget for 1997 included income based on the existing membership and a
membership fee unit of 4000 ECU, unchanged from 1996. The income generated
from this source should be a little higher than in 1996 as the number of member
organizations still receiving the merger related "phase-in" discount reduces.

D06 - 04 The General Assembly unanimously approved the proposed budget.
D06 - 05 The General Assembly unanimously approved a membership fee unit of 4000 ECU for 1997.

7. Conferences and Workshops


There were 350 participants at the Budapest conference and feedback
questionnaires were generally positive. Two recurring criticisms
have been noted by the JENC8 Conference Committee:
Costs of hotel rooms (special rates being more expensive than otherwise
Quality of invited speakers.

Since the half year figures were compiled the accounts from the
local organizers were received and have now been approved. When all is
finalized a loss of about 2000 ECU is predicted.
The selected proceedings are with Elsevier and should be ready for distribution in


The first Conference Committee meeting was held at the end of July in Edinburgh
with the participation of the local organizers. In addition to administrative and
budget issues topics discussed included:

1. Avoiding the criticisms of JENC7
Ensuring that invited speakers have a proven track record of public speaking.
Hotels in Edinburgh are generally expensive and the CC is liaising with the local
conference organizers to secure reasonably priced accommodation and trying to
ensure that the lowest rates are obtained for conference hotels.
2. Sponsorship
A new "Benefits to Sponsors" pack has just been assembled offering levels of
sponsorship between ECU 20000 and ECU 2500 with benefits or deliverables
corresponding to the amount of money sponsored. CC members will use this when
approaching the potential sponsors who have been identified and allocated
amongst them.

In order to widen participation an Industry AdvisoryBoard will support the
JENC8 programme committee in putting together a high quality technical
programme. Those already agreeing to take part include Roland Acra from Cisco
Systems Europe, Peter Berry of British Telecom, Lee Caldwell of IBM, USA and
Vinton Cerf from MCI Communications, USA.

The First Call for Papers has been widely distributed both in paper form and
electronically. A second CFP has been issued electronically at the end of
September and the full text appears on the TERENA web site. In the first 8 days
154 retrieved the CFP from the Web site.

Following the success of the NATO Advanced Networking Workshop in Budapest
a proposal has again been submitted to NATO in respect of a further workshop to
be held in Edinburgh next year. The theme will be "Migrating towards a high-
speed networking service".

TERENA is still negotiating with Elsevier over the price of publishing/printing
the selected papers in Computer Networks and ISDN Systems as the original
quotation is much higher than in previous years. It is also intended to poll
participants of JENC8 on the value of continuing this practice in future years and
whether a CD rome could be produced instead.

The General Assembly noted this information.

Conference in 1998

As reported in an earlier GA meeting, TERENA has agreed with the Internet
Society not to hold a JENC in May 1998 since INET 98 is to be held in Europe.
TERENA hopes to organize a more focused conference to take place in the Autumn
of that year back to back with the GA meeting.
It appears that the venue of 1998 INET conference has yet to be decided. A call for
proposals has gone to out to a number of European cities.
Despite the fact that a venue has yet to be found, the organizers are still aiming
for a June conference though this is not definite.
Under these circumstances it may be premature to make any definite plans for
TERENA's own 1998 Conference.

8. TERENA Services


The following figures were provided to demonstrate the continuing growth of RIPE

No. of employees 10/96 : 15.6
Forecast no. of employees 7/97 : 27
Forecast no. of employees 12/97 : 32

Budget for 1996 : ECU 916k
Budget for 1997 : ECU 1984k

With the consent of the RIPE NCC contributors Committee, a new charging model
will be introduced for 1997:

Size of ISP 96 contribution 97 contribution
Small 2200 1500
Medium 3000 4500
Large 4000 8500
Sign-up fee 1300 2000

The RIPE NCC 1997 budget, recomended by the contributors committee, includes a
planned building up of reserves and it is most likely that RIPE NCC will
now be liable for Company tax in the Netherlands.
RIPE NCC is now bigger than the rest ofTERENA activities and a more
independent arrangement may be in order. Whether this will be totally separate
from TERENA or not has et to be decided. This issue will require careful
examination; the TERENA Secretary General and the RIPE NCC Business
Manager, in consultation with the TERENA Vice-president for Service and a
representative of the Contributors Committee, are exploring the possibilities.

Comment was made that TERENA can be proud of its achievements with RIPE
NCC from a small experimental service to its standing today.
The Assembly was told of plans to set up a regional registry in Moscow in early
1997 which will provide the services currently supplied by RIPE NCC for Russia
and other countries of the former Soviet Union. It was felt that it would be useful
to have a separate regional registry for thjat area and that RIPE NCC would give
its co-operation.


The decision has already been taken to wind down the GUM NCC service and no
part of the service will continue after 31 December 1997.
Attention was drawn to the outstanding debts where invoices for GUM NCC
services remained unpaid. Those with unpaid GUM NCC invoices were
urged to use any influence they might have to speed up payment. Debtors will
receive a warning announcing the date on which they will be cut off from the GUM
NCC service if their invoice(s) remain unpaid.

9. TERENA Technical Programme

9a) Report from TTC

There has been only one TTC meeting since the last GA held on 24/9/96. Due to the
cost of travel and time contraints much of the Working Group communication is
done via email. WG's have developed into large fora for exchange of information
by electronic means between experts interested in the same topics. Concrete tasks
are taken up more often now by smaller groups who may be organized in Task force
or project. The original definitions of Working Groups, Task Forces and
Projects have become blurred and the TTC is reviewing the overall structure.

9b) Progress TERENA projects

CERT Co-ordination Centre
A Technical Advisory Group was established and a meeting held on 3/9/96. A call
for proposals, based upon the Task Force report was issued in 1/10 with a deadline
of 1/11. The project will be known as the SIRCE (Security Incident Response Co-
ordination for Europe) pilot. Following the advice of the TAG the call was sent
only to seven selected, potentially qualified organizations.
UNIWorld, CH

The TAG will interview shortlisted organizations at the beginning of December
and report to the Executive Committee on 17/12.
To solve the problem of obtaining funding before there is service it is hoped to
persuade 4 or 5 of the 'big' research networks with CERTSs to fund one quarter of a
full time equivalent each. With a one person service established at the Incident
Support Level it is hoped to sign up more networks and their funding which will
be used to set up the Basic Incident Co-ordination Service with 2 or 3 FTE.
Preparation for the full service would then be possible. The full service would
then be the subject of an open tender.

The project is on schedule though there is a problem getting the other "Telematics
for Projects" to collaborate. There is funding available for TERENA staff or WG
members to be used for travel to establish closer contacts with these projects.

The Desktop Video Conferencing project has completed a survey the results of
which can be seen at http://www.terena.nl/projects/device. Software is now
being purchased for detailed interworking testing.

This is TERENA's potential follow-up project to the ICE-TEL Telematics Project
which currently provides coordination of the Certification Authorities. On
completion of the ICE-TEL project at the end of 1997, there may be a need for the
TERENA community to take over the activity. How much work is involved must
be ascertained and a method of funding found. Ffor the moment,no start-up
will be made with TWICE.

The GA were asked for funding in respect of this Project for an Advanced
Multimedia Electronic Mail Service in Europe. Whilst free effort was offered
there was no help with funding. The start date was put back from 1 July to 1
September and the project is underway on a "no extra funding" basis. Funding will
be required if the results are to be passed on and the benefits are to reach the

An upgrade of the Guide to Network Resource Tools, funded by TERENA is now in
progress and should be completed by the end of this year. Phase 2, which involves
a radical change and possibly a new document in printed book form, will require
funding and the following options have been identified:
1. TERENA risks funding the printing in the hope of recovering costs.
2. Collaboration with a publisher
3. Member Countries Contribute to thje costs of printing.
Comment was made that eclusive rights should not be given to a publisher so that
it wouls still be possible to put the GNRT on the Web. Some TERENA members
would want to publish a translation of the text in their own national language.

Task Forces

Work progresses well under Michael Behringer with the overlay network largely
in place.
Caching Hierarchies
Ingrid Melve of UNINETT has been chosen as convenor and a successful first
meeting was held on 26 September with 17 countries participating. Advice was
produced on how to integrate caches in Europe.
This task force on an 'Environment to Inspire Network Users' focuses on enhanced
user support via the network and follows on from UNITE. It is headed by George
Munroe and is being carried out in collabotation with IETF.
Proposed: Task Force on European Traffic Studies
This potential new Task Force is currently being formed and documentation and
ratification can be expected by the next TTC meeting on 13 November.

9c) Note on the TERENA projects

An overview of the project support was given by the Chief Technical Officer.

The current staff compliment is three Project Development Officers and the CTO
though with the resignation of Ariel Sobleman from 31/12/96 there is a PDO
vacancy. The GA were asked to encourage any potential candidates they know of
to contact the CTO who would be happy to talk to anyone interested in the job.

With the staff now in place it is possible to provide a framework for developing
and promoting cooperation and co-ordination in networking projects.
Activity has increased and there have been good new projects attracting
community interest. Turning the interest into commitment has proved difficult in
the past and needs to be addressed. Industrial participation and contributions are
to be sought and this will add credibility to TERENA technical activities.
Successes should be marketed by means of high quality publicity and the benefits
of partnerships demonstrated. Significant returns would be required to attract
reasonable contributions.
Getting support for projects when in the early stages has often proved difficult in
the past but it is important to be able to respond quickly to ideas to maintain the
momentum and enthusiasm of volunteers. To this end an approved sum from the
TERENA reserve is to be used in 1997, under TTC control, to fund the pilot phase of
projects. With a preliminary pilot, proof of concept and wide consultation having
taken place, it should be possible to better demonstrate the viability of the project
and seek funding from TERENA members.
The meeting discussed this concept, described more fully in document GA(96)027, in
detail. The slides used to illustrate the procedures will be made available on
the TERENA Web server.
detail with

New Action
A06 - 03 GA members to help introduce suitable candidates for the Project
Development Officer vacancy.
A06 - 04 The secretariat to make available slides illustrating the project start-up
procedures on the TERENA Web server.
A06 - 05 GA members to send to the sectetariat, before 1 December 1996, the names
of some persons in their country who could be approached as contacts in industry in
order to raiseinterest in industrial participation in TERENA activities.

10. Support to technologically emerging countries

For a number of years TERENA has been active in promoting the transfer of
knowledge to technologically emerging countries. This applies particularly to
countries in Central and Eastern Europe where the NATO Advanced Networking
Workshops and TERENA's contribution to the INSIGHT project provide good
examples. TERENA is also to make a small contribution to the EU funded CRII
project which aims to promote the development of telematics services in Slovenia.
In addition to continuing and intensifying these activities, TERENA plans to
extend them to other regions, in particular the Mediterranean area. To this end,
funding will be sought from international organizations (such as UNESCO and EU)
and from the relevant countries themselves. TERENA will also invest
approximately 0.3 of a full time equivalent from its existing staff as well as some
travel money to support this line of activity.

It was agreed that TERENA could, in addition to technical knowledge transfer,
help the less experienced national networking organizations build expertise in
financial and administrative related areas . Suggestions were sought from the
more experienced national networking organizations on what to ask of funding
bodies and Telecoms for example.

New Action

A06 - 06 TERENA Secretariat to investigate the possibility of a workshop
dedicated to the financial, administrative, managerial and policy related aspects
of running a national research network.

11. TERENA liaison

11a) CCIRN
Having previously suffered from a lack of focus and doubts being harboured over
whether it would continue, the CCIRN meeting in Montreal was a great success.
With newly organized latin American countries now involved CCIRN now spans
the globe with the exception of Africa which is still not a full member.
Details of the Montreal meeting and the full range of technical activities are
available on the CCIRN Web site.
John Dyer is to be the European representative but it was pointed out that there
are four workshops and there should be European participation . The next meeting
takes place with the IETF on 12/13 December and so far a representative has been
found for the workshops on Caching, ??metric and statistics from traffic and
possibly security. A volunteer is sought who will be attending the IETF who could
represent Europe at the Mbone workshop.
The meeting was reminded that the next full CCIRN meeting is with INET '97 in
Kuala Lumpa and that a European delegation should be put together. Any one
interested in participating was asked to contact the CTO.

11b) ISOC
ISOC is now in a more permanent phase of its set up though still struggling to find
recognition as a leader of internet activities.. A high level committee has been
put together to oversee developments with regard to the domain situation and
whether more Top Level Domains should be created.
TERENA now has normal membership of ISOC with voting rights now exclusively
with the industrial members. TERENA does have the right however, to
participate in the Advisory Council. There are now 90 members with an executive
committee of 5 who carry out the preparation for meetings and organize the work.
There are currently two vacancies on this committee and TERENA president,
Stefano Trumpy, has applied for one with a view that Europe needs a stronger
voice in the Internet Society which is very much dominated by Americans and, to a
lesser extent, the Japanese. The industrial membership is mostly American and
Japanese also at it is felt that TERENA should encourage European participation.

11c) EWOS and ETSI
TERENA is currently reviewing its membership of external bodies:

Their activities are moving into SMTP field and Internet operations with less
emphasis on just x.400 and OSI. They are not competing with TERENA activities
and the TERENA CTO has recommended continuing involvement with EEMA.

The CTO, who replaces Paul Van Binst as TERENA representative, attended the
latest EWOS meeting at which their rules and procedures were reviewed and was
able to contribute suggestions. In future TERENA members will be welcome
to attend working meetings even if the national body is not a member of EWOS.
TERENA's own EWOS membership fee is to be reduced in 1997 from ECU 10000 to
ECU 2500 . TERENA will remain a member for another year after which
a further review will take place.

TERENA has yet to review membership of ETSI and a report will follow at the
next GA meeting.

12. Next meetings

12a) GA7 will be held in Edinburgh, 15/16 May 1997 after the JENC8 conference

12b) GA8
The General Assembly were reminded that as yet there is no venue set for the
Autumn GA meeting of 1997. One representative has made a provisional offer but
needs to seek approval before making an official invitation. A full announcement
will be made once confirmation is received.
The symposium held just prior to this GA was considered a success though
comments were made about there being too little time for debate after the invited
speakers had given their respective talks. There was general interest in holding a
symposium with the second GA of 1997 and it was agreed that more time would be
allocated for this to allow full debate.

13. Any other business

The SURFnet representative, returning to aprevious discussion, had noted some
very interesting technical projects that other national research networking
organizations were undertaking. He underlined the benefits that could be
achieved if national TERENA members would work together more on such projects
and therefore saw a clear case for a much larger number of projects under the
TERENA umbrella.

TERENA's President expressed the thanks of the General Assembly and TERENA
officers and staff for the kind hospitality and excellent arrangements made by
ARNES for the GA meeting and other events in Bled.