Invitation for GAA 2

To the members and associates of the
GÉANT Association

Amsterdam, 13 November 2014
Ref.: GAA(14)004

Subject:      Invitation to GAA 2 meeting

GA Agenda
Registration for the dinner on 10 December
Hotel booking form

Dear (substitute) representative,

On behalf of the Chairman of the GÉANT Association, Mr. Pierre Bruyère, I herewith invite you to the second meeting of the General Assembly. The meeting will take place on 11 December and will be co-located with the NREN PC meeting and the GN3plus Assembly Meeting on 10 and 11 December 2014. (Note that delegates to the other meetings are welcome to join the GA meeting as well.)

Main items on the agenda are the confirmation of the election procedure, the election of a new Board of Directors and the Operating Plan and Budget 2015 of GÉANT Limited.

The meetings will take place at the Westin Hotel in central Zagreb, Izidora Kršnjavoga 1 - Zagreb 10000 - Croatia.
Phone: (385) (1) 489 2000 - E-mail:

The exact times of the meeting are:

11 December: 11:00 - 13:00 formal GA business

On 10 December a dinner will be offered for GA delegates and their partners at the Vinodol Restaurant, which is within walking distance of the hotel. More information about this is at the NREN PC information pages on the GÉANT project intranet..

Please do not plan your return journey before the end of Thursday afternoon. This will guarantee that there is sufficient time for all the important items that need to be discussed at the meeting.

Hotel booking before 1 December is recommended. GÉANT Limited have arranged a block booking for the joint events at the Westin hotel.

If you or your substitute are unable to come to the GA meeting, it is possibly to give a proxy to another person. We will need a letter signed by the Representative or the Substitute Representative giving the proxy to another named person. (Please send as a scanned .pdf file of such a letter by e-mail.) The letter must reach the BoD before the start of the GA meeting. Note that nobody is allowed to vote for more than two member organisations.

I hope to meet all of you in Zagreb!

Best regards,

Bert van Pinxteren
Chief Administrative Officer