Agenda for GA 25

Draft Agenda for GA25, 18/19 May, Catania, Italy      GA(06)003

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Minutes of the 24th TERENA General Assembly meeting, Budapest - GA(05)026r2

  4. Membership matters (a) Admission of new members - GA(06)004, GA(06)005
    (b) Changes in membership
    (c) Changes in representative - GA(06)006, GA(06)007, GA(06)008
    (d) Outstanding membership fees - GA(06)009

  5. TERENA Formal matters (a) Adoption TERENA Financial Accounts 2005 - FIN(06)006
    (b) TERENA Annual Report 2005, including Secretariat report - GA(06)010

  6. TERENA Technical Programme - GA(06)001 (a) Report on TAC meeting
    (b) Progress report
    (c) Server Certificate Service
    (d) Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructures

  7. Discussion on NREN lifecycle and portfolio management - GA(06)002

  8. Executive Committee Elections (a) Election of Vice-President Conferences
    (b) Election of Treasurer

  9. Foresight Study status

  10. Conferences and Workshops (a) TERENA Networking Conference 2006, Catania
    (b) TNC in 2007, Lyngby, Denmark

  11. TERENA Secretariat Matters
  12. Update on TF-PR

  13. Discussion on budgets in the 7th Framework Programme

  14. Liaisons
  15. Next Meetings GA 26: 20 October, Malta
    GA 27: Lyngby, Denmark, 24-25 May 2007
  16. Any Other Business and Close