TERENA Mini-Symposium

TERENA GA meetings which are not back-to-back to a major conference, are traditionally preceded by a half-day mini-symposium devoted to topics of common interest to General Assembly members. Continuing this tradition, TERENA and SURFnet have prepared for an interesting event on the morning of Thursday 14 May.

This time the location of the mini-symposium will be rather special: the futuristic surroundings of Media Plaza in Utrecht.
10.00 Welcome
10.15 Presentation bij Vincent Everts, Director of Media Plaza
11.00 Presentation of I-Pay version 2.0 by speaker from Interpay
11.30 Experiences in the ADSL project presented by Roel Rexwinkel, SURFnet
12.00 Close by Vincent Everts
12.30 Lunch in Media Plaza Sky Bar
13.30 Walk to Huis Drakenburg (venue of General Assembly meeting)

Media Plaza has been set up as a demonstration centre for the electronic superhighway for the Dutch business community. It offers demonstrations of currently available and future applications of networks, such as video communication, teleworking, and electronic shopping and payment. Media Plaza offers groups a compact, intensive programme in an exciting environment introducing them to the opportunities offered by the electronic highway.

Media Plaza is a foundation with the objective of promoting and accelerating use of the electronic superhighway within Dutch organisations and companies, in order to build a competitive advantage in Europe. This objective connects up seamlessly with the policy of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, one of the founding partners of Media Plaza, along with ING Group, Jaarbeurs Utrecht (the Utrecht trade fair) and PTT Telecom. SURFnet is one of the participants in Media Plaza, and hence offers the TERENA GA members their hospitality there.