List of Decision and Actions resulting from the 9th TERENA General Assembly Meeting, Utrecht, 14/15 May 1998

Annex I to the minutes of the 9th TERENA GA meeting, GA(98)015


D08-01 The General Assembly approved the minutes - file ref. GA(97)056 - of the 8th GA meeting, Madrid, 23/24 October 1998, without change.

D08-02 The GA approved the change in Czech National Member of TERENA from Czech Technical University to CESNET and noted the change in deputy representative.

D08-03 The GA approved the algorithm determining the boundaries between the TERENA membership categories as described in GA(98)009.

D08-04 The GA approved the TERENA Financial Accounts 1997.

D08-05 The GA approved both parts of the Annual Report.

D08-06 The GA revised its decision made during the 8th GA meeting and retro-actively demoted Ukraine to TERENA category 2 for the year 1998.

D08-07 The GA decided that Albania, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research will receive a notice of termination of TERENA membership, specifying that their TERENA membership will be terminated automatically on 1 September 1998, unless payment of the 1995 and 1996 membership fees has taken place before that date. [Note: by the end of the GA meeting information was received that Moldova had paid their 1996 membership fee, and will therefore not be sent a notice of termination.]

D08-08 The GA decided to extend the contract with the current TERENA auditors for the audit of the TERENA accounts on 1998 and 1999.

D08-09 The GA appointed Lajos Bálint for a second two-year term as Treasurer by acclamation.

D08-10 The GA decided to have the 12th GA meeting in Izmir, Turkey, in October 1999


A07-03 The Secretariat is to keep the General Assembly informed of the outcome of discussions with the Dutch tax authorities concerning TERENA's VAT position in relation to EC contracts.

A07-07 Executive to continue to talk with French organisations who are potential TERENA members and to work towards the return of France to the TERENA community.

A08-01 TERENA Executive to try and assist Eastern European countries in securing TERENA membership fees.


A09-01 GA to inform Secretariat/TEC on usage and usefulness of ETSI documents

A09-02 GA to provide opinions on W3C membership

A09-03 TSEC to find out possible ways of membership of ITU-T