TERENA General Assembly action list

TERENA General Assembly Action list GA(97)059
Update 18 April 1998

A06-06 TERENA Secretariat to investigate the possibility of a workshop dedicated to the financial, administrative, managerial and policy related aspects of running a national research network.
* This workshop will take place in Yaroslavl, 13 to 16 June 1998 *

A07-03 The Secretariat is to keep the General Assembly informed of the outcome of discussions with the Dutch tax authorities concerning TERENA's VAT position in relation to EC contracts.
* no outcome yet; the matter has been taken up again with the Dutch Ministry of Finance; the Ministry is working at convincing the EC of the NL interpretation of VAT rules and also at changing the Nl VAT procedures; either one of these may offer a solutio n to TERENA's problem. *

A07-07 Executive to continue to talk with French organisations who are potential TERENA members and to work towards the return of France to the TERENA community.
* ST and KV have visited RENATER. Money and staff are too tight in RENATER to expect a return of RENATER to TERENA in the immediate future. However, the interest is certainly there and RENATER having joined the SIRCE project is a good start. First goal sh ould be to get more active participation from France in the various TERENA activities and the CTO is working on this. *

A08-01 TERENA Executive to try and assist Eastern European countries in securing TERENA membership fees.
* open; ST has brought this issue up during the Cyprus conference *

A08-02 TERENA Secretariat to offer the TERENA National Members the right to publish the GNRT in book form in their national language.
* open; the English language publication will be available in early May, in time for distribution at the GA meeting, after which the message inviting the members of TERENA to publish the book in their national language will be sent out. *

A08-03 All TERENA Members to respond to the questionnaire regarding the TERENA Technical Programme.
* open and ongoing; a preliminary report is to be found under agenda item 7.c *

A08-04 Executive to rewrite the first part of the "Benefits to TERENA members" document into an introduction to the Annual Report.
*done, agenda item 5.c *

A08-05 TERENA Secretariat to check the GNPs of the TERENA National Members once a year.
* the 1995 figures are available - agenda item 8 *

A08-06 Executive to develop a formula to determine the boundaries between the TERENA membership categories.
* done; agenda item 4.c *

A08-07 Executive to close the contract on the transfer of assets and liabilities between TERENA and the RNA, on the basis of the documents ripe-161, ripe-165 and GA(97)048.
* done; agenda item 5.b *

A08-08 Executive to investigate whether or not and if so how to participate in ISSS and to report the conclusions to the GA next year.
* closed; participation in ISSS activities will be considered on a case by case basis with the technical staff following developments in ISSS and bringing new activities to the attention of TERENA Working Groups when appropriate. See also agenda item 12.c *