Ukraine membership category


Ukraine membership category

During the 8th TERENA General Assembly meeting, the GA decided, on the basis of the GNP figures provided, that Ukraine should be promoted to a higher category.

The relevant figures are

countryGNP - oldvoteGNP - newvote
Ukraine60 B USD3174 B USD4

With this rise in GNP, Ukraine had surpassed several (smaller) Western European countries, but this figure was actually not out of line in comparison with other sources of GNP figures: World fact book: 175 B USD and World bank 84 B USD.

Unfortunately, the figure of 174 B USD was not correct.

When calculating the 1995 GNPs, on the basis of the update of the United Nations figures, the new Ukraine GNP came out as 36 B USD. A reason to revisit the original calculation, and the outcome was that a decimal point error was made with regard to the 1994 UN GNP figures: the Ukraine GNP which should have been used as the basis for decision in the 8th GA meeting was 17.4 B USD.

In conclusion, should the right figures have been presented to the GA, Ukraine would have been demoted to membership voting category 2 (as its GNP is even lower than that of Croatia: 18 B USD), instead of promoted to category 4.

The GA is asked to revisit its decision of the 8th GA and retro-actively demote Ukraine to TERENA category 2.

In anticipation of the decision of the GA, the TERENA Secretariat has written to the Ukraine representative to inform him of this error and to apologise for it. The Secretariat has also requested (until further notification) the Ukraine representative not to pay their 1998 membership fee as invoiced (ECU 23700, late payment charges included), but to pay only the amount that would have been charged if the GA decision had been made on the basis of the correct information (ECU 10269, late payment charges included).

On the basis of the algorithm proposed by the TEC to assess the membership categories, Ukraine will have to be promoted again to category 3 for 1999, because it has overtaken Romania (a country in category 3) in the positive sense whilst both the Romanian and Ukranian GNP's have grown.