About TERENA (GÉANT as of 1 May 2015)

Note: On 7 October 2014, the membership of TERENA and the shareholders of DANTE voted to re-organise TERENA and DANTE under a unified governance structure named the GÉANT Association, during meetings held in Berlin. This restructuring was carried out in response to the community of Europe’s national research and education networking organisations’ (NRENs’) wishes, and marks a new phase in almost thirty years of collaborative research and education networking in Europe. More information is available via the news announcement.

Note: On 1 May 2015, to coincide with the start of the new GÉANT Project (now GN4 Phase 1), a new logo was launched and the organisation is known simply as ‘GÉANT‘. ‘GÉANT’ no longer means a single project or organisation, but stands for the entire community collaboration..

TERENA's activities to support collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing for the benefit of research and education continue in the work of GÉANT. This website will continue to provide some to provide information about current as well as past activities until the full, permanent GÉANT website is ready. In the meantime, ever more information about GÉANT and its activities can be found on the current GÉANT website.

What does GÉANT do?

The development and progress in Internet technology, infrastructure and services have been led by the research community since the very beginning of the Internet. Today, that community is still the main driver of the further development of the Internet. In Europe, this leading role is made possible by the collaboration of network engineers and managers from all over the region, facilitated and supported by GÉANT.

Many of the people who participate in GÉANT task forces, projects, conferences or workshops are not employees of GÉANT member organisations but work in the wider research networking community, for example, in universities, research institutes or in industry.

More details can be found in the Activities section.