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30 September 2009
TNC 2010 Call for Papers - 'Living the network life'

The Programme Committee for the TERENA Networking Conference 2010 has issued a Call for Papers exploring the theme: 'Living the network life'.

The conference will be held from 31 May - 3 June 2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania, organised by TERENA and hosted by LITNET, the academic and research network in Lithuania.

30 September 2009
New name for TERENA task force at the heart of communications

The TERENA Task Force on Public relations and Information Dissemination (TF-PR) has changed its name to the Task Force on Communications and Public Relations (TF-CPR), effective from 1 October 2009.

“We held a vote and the majority of particpants felt that ‘PR’ is not a name that adequately reflects their day-to-day work,” explains Maria Ristkok (EENet), who is stepping down after completing two years as the task force chair. “The majority now has a much broader range of responsibilities, including marketing communications or promotional work, not only public relations.”

25 September 2009
Registration now open for Advanced EuroCAMP

The aim of EuroCAMP (European Campus Architectural Middleware Planning) is to develop awareness of middleware at a grassroots level and to present some of the various identity management (IdM) and authentication mechanisms available. Located in Budapest, Hungary on 17-18 November, 2009, the latest Advanced EuroCAMP will focus on developers' needs for getting applications and services working in an identity federation.

By supporting the developer and bringing 'off the shelf', open source and home grown applications into a federated environment, the search for the "killer application" will become easier and more aligned with what users want.

25 September 2009
Renewed interest in stronger cooperation between NRENs and Grids

The potential for better cooperation between NRENs and Grids was demonstrated through various use-cases that were presented at the 8th NRENs and Grids Workshop this week, 22 September. More than 30 people from 13 countries across Europe joined the event, which was co-located with the EGEE’09 conference in Barcelona.

Xavier Jeannin from EGEE SA2 explains that, “collaboration with NRENs is required in order to provide better services for end users.” Ideas were exchanged on four main topics of common interest: Grid Monitoring Solutions, Advanced Network Services, Project-wide Network Operations and Grid Middleware.

11 September 2009
TNC 2009 proceedings now available for download

TERENA is pleased to release the proceedings from the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) 2009. Twelve papers were selected from more than one hundred submissions that were presented at the TNC 2009. The theme of the conference was "Virtuality into Reality" – the emergence of ideas and technologies from research laboratories and networks into everyday life and the opportunities and challenges for network developers, operators and users that this presents.

2 September 2009
TERENA invites participants to help define new task force on media management

Providing recorded or live multimedia footage of university lectures to the education community has become increasingly popular and NRENs are in a great position to facilitate these services. TERENA’s planned new task force on media management, TF-Media, will bring together European NRENs and universities to explore the architectures, technologies and workflow processes necessary for various rich media content production management and distribution.

Those interested in participating in the harmonisation and advancement of these services are invited to participate in the TF-Media preparation meeting on 5-6 November 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by CESNET, the Czech national research and education networking organisation. Open to anyone interested in joining this new task force, the preparation meeting is being held to finalise the work items and timelines and to select volunteers to contribute ideas for the future direction of the task force.

21 August 2009
S-CURE continues to provide the Trusted Introducer service to CSIRTs under new agreement

A contract between TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association) and S-CURE BV of the Netherlands was signed recently, marking the 9th consecutive year of this relationship. Under the agreement, S-CURE will continue to provide the Trusted Introducer service, under contract to TERENA, which collects the fees from the accredited teams.

TERENA’s Trusted Introducer service is an accreditation scheme that helps build a web of trust between Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). Many research and education networking organisations, commercial Internet service providers, telecommunications operators and governments have established CSIRTs to deal with network security incidents. Collaboration between these teams is very important because in many cases incidents originate from outside the network that is affected. Such collaboration needs to be based on strong trust between the teams.

24 July 2009
GÉANT Common Network Information Service training provided at TERENA

The GÉANT Common Network Information Service (cNIS) is a set of tools that automatically discovers network information from routers, switches and other devices in a network, and provides a number of tools for analysis and possible re-design of the network. The first step in the roll out of this new service was to provide training to five NRENs across Europe. The network administrators of these NRENs were trained on how to install/uninstall, configure and use cNIS on their servers.

Marek Lewandowski from the Polish Research and Education Network, PSNC, provided the training, which took place in the TERENA Secretariat offices on the 23 July 2009 in Amsterdam. Mr. Lewandowski is one of the core developers of the cNIS software.

25 June 2009
Registration deadline approaching for Performing Arts Production Workshop

Registration for the first TERENA and Internet2 hands-on audio/video production workshop is open until 8 July 2009. Potential participants are cordially requested to register as soon as possible via http://www.garr.it/papws.

The workshop will be held on 13-15 July 2009, hosted by GARR in cooperation with the Music Conservatory of Trieste, in Italy. The event will emphasise the equipment and staffing requirements for interactive performing arts education, multi-site performance events and high quality netcasting. It is meant to be the first in a series of annual workshops on this topic.

17 June 2009
General Assembly elects new president and reviews financial plans

The new president of the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) was elected by the General Assembly of its members during a meeting held on 11-12 June 2009 in Malaga, Spain. TERENA’s vice-president for conferences and treasurer were also re-elected and the association's 2009 membership fees and service costs were reviewed.

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