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17 June 2009
General Assembly elects new president and reviews financial plans

The new president of the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) was elected by the General Assembly of its members during a meeting held on 11-12 June 2009 in Malaga, Spain. TERENA’s vice-president for conferences and treasurer were also re-elected and the association's 2009 membership fees and service costs were reviewed.

11 June 2009
TNC closes with a playful invitation to visit Vilnius in 2010

This year’s TERENA Networking Conference concluded today, Thursday 11 June, with a playful invitation for attendees to visit TNC in Vilnius, Lithuania. from 31 May to 3 June 2010.

Laimutis Telksnys of the Lithuanian research and education network LITNET presented a short film highlighting the city’s attractions, and participants of TNC 2009 received a picturesque puzzle-cube to take home as a reminder to attend next year.

10 June 2009
European network engineering students are welcomed at TNC 2009

Postgraduate students met leading figures from TERENA and Cisco at the TERENA Networking Conference this week, Tuesday 9 June. Recognising that today’s students are the future leaders of the networking community, TERENA invited students of relevant fields to attend TNC 2009. Cisco endorsed the initiative by providing sponsorship, enabling the students to attend the event free of charge, so being exposed to current best practices and cutting-edge technologies.

8 June 2009
Streaming of presentations from TNC 2009 available online

Archived streams of presentations from this year's TERENA Networking Conference (TNC 2009) are available on the conference website. Around 450 people attended the event, which also featured online presentation materials for those who could not be there in person.

The conference, with the theme ‘Virtuality into Reality', continued until 13.30 CET on Thursday. The closing plenary was delivered by Simone Brunozzi, Amazon.com’s Web Services Evangelist. In addition to five more plenary talks, each day included parallel sessions of presentations on a diverse range of topics.

All streams are available from http://tnc2009.terena.org.

25 May 2009
Registration open for Performing Arts Production Workshop

The first TERENA and Internet2 hands-on audio/video production workshop will be held on 13-15 July 2009, hosted by GARR in cooperation with the Music Conservatory of Trieste, in Italy.

The workshop will emphasise the equipment and staffing requirements for interactive performing arts education, multi-site performance events and high quality netcasting. It is meant to be the first in a series of annual workshops on this topic.

21 May 2009
TERENA annual report 2008 now available

The Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, TERENA, published its annual report for 2008 this week, on 21 May 2009.

The report summarises the most significant developments in around 35 projects, services, task forces and other activities and the contributions made by the association's members, the wider research networking community and Secretariat staff.

20 May 2009
TNC 2009: registration deadline for conference and associated meetings

The final deadline is approaching for registration for this year’s TERENA Networking Conference (TNC 2009) and co-located meetings. Online registration for the TNC closes at midnight CET on Monday 1 June.

TNC 2009 will take place in Málaga, Spain, from 8-11 June. You can register online or using a downloadable form (pdf). Online registration costs € 550; registration at the conference itself costs € 600. Information about all registration options and what the fees cover is available on http://tnc2009.terena.org/register/.

24 April 2009
Registration open for single sign-on EuroCAMP workshop

Registration is open for a ‘basic’ EuroCAMP workshop on single sign-on (SSO) systems in Cork, Ireland, on 18-19 May 2009.

This two-day event will take place at the Cork Institute of Technology and will discuss the various technologies available to create a robust SSO system on campus. Leading experts from the research and education networking community and campus network managers will come together to present their findings and experiences.

24 April 2009
SCHAC releases updated directory schema for academia

A new version of the SCHAC (SCHema for ACademia) directory schema (1.4.0) is available for download from from the SCHAC web page, under the section called ‘SCHAC Releases’.

SCHAC defines and promotes common schemas in the field of higher education to facilitate inter-institutional data exchange. The SCHAC directory schema is not oriented to any particular technology. It defines a set of attributes to describe individuals in academic and research institutes. These definitions assume that other attributes describing individuals are already available and properly coded in agreement with the current standards, such as eduPerson schema 200806.

17 April 2009
Comodo confirmed as new supplier of TERENA certificate services

A contract between TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association) and Comodo CA Ltd. was signed this week, confirming Comodo as the new supplier of the TERENA certificate services. This is the result of a call for proposals that TERENA issued in September 2008, to procure a managed Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) server certificate service in order to prolong the existing TERENA Server Certificate Service.

Eleven proposals were received in response to the call for proposals. A committee of volunteers from organisations participating in the Server Certificate Service, supported by TERENA Secretariat staff, evaluated the proposals, interviewed bidders, requested and studied additional information and formulated the final, unanimous recommendation to award the contract to Comodo CA Ltd. of Manchester, England, as theirs was the “economically most advantageous” proposal. This preference was announced by TERENA on 23 March 2009. After a legally prescribed waiting period, the contract was signed on 14-16 April 2009.

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