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A major problem linked to the use of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) is how to get the appropriate root CA certificates needed by users browsers in a practical and cost-effective manner. A possible solution that can be applied within the TERENA community is the provision of a trusted repository which can contain verified root-CA certificates. This concept was originally proposed by members of TF-AACE, and accepted by the TTC and TEC.

The certificates to be collected are those directly managed by the member NRENs, or belonging either to a National Academic PKI in the TERENA member countries (NPKIs), or to non-profit research projects directly involving the academic community.


A policy document defining how to get involved, how the certificates are collected and made available on-line has been defined and is available in the following formats:


TERENA will take responsibility for undertaking the identification/authorization protocol as described in the TACAR policy document but this is the limit of any reponsibility that will be taken by TERENA.

Compliance with the TACAR does not imply that the submitting body has passed any evaluation of its policy, but merely that the root-CA was submitted to TERENA by a bona-fide member of that organistaion who identified him or herself to TERENA along with a legal recognised means of personal identification.

TERENA makes no warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the information hosted in the repository.

Certificates in the repository

The collection of certificates started during the meeting in Malaga in November 2003.
To see and download all the certificates in the repository click here


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