Wednesday 3 February 2010
14:00-15.30 Welcome (slides)
René Buch (NORDUnet) and Karel Vietsch (TERENA)
Introduction to GN3/NA3/T5 (slides)
Mike Norris (HEAnet)
NORDUnet Audit (slides)
Jørgen Moth (UNI•C)
HEAnet Audit (slides)
Mike Norris (HEAnet)
15:30-15.45 Coffee break
15:45-17.30 The GreenStar Network Project (slides)
Martin Brooks and John Spence (GreenStar Network)
Green NMS in PSNC (slides)
Rafal Sowinski and Robert Pekal (PSNC)
PIONEER Audit (slides)
Rafal Sowinski and Robert Pekal (PSNC)
Green mini-PoPs in HEAnet (slides)
Andrew Mackarel (HEAnet)
20:00-21.30 Dinner

Thursday 4 February 2010
09:00-10.45 GÉANT Greenhouse Gas Audit (slides)
Jørgen Moth (UNI•C)
10:45-11.00 Coffee break
11:00-12.45 Videoconference Service in NIIF (slides)
Tamas Maray (NIIF)
Cooling Data Centres in UNI•C (slides)
Ole Kjærgaard (UNI•C)
NORDUnet Plans (slides)
René Buch (NORDUnet)
12:45-13.30 Lunch break
13:30-16.00 Looking Forward: Electricity Generation in Europe the Coming 40 Years (slides)
Stefan Naef (FORCE Technology)
Discussion – The Next steps