TERENA offers a forum to collaborate, innovate and share knowledge in order to foster the development of Internet technology, infrastructure and services to be used by the research and education community.

What Does TERENA Do?

The development and progress in Internet technology, infrastructure and services have been led by the research community since the very beginning of the Internet. Today, that community is still the main driver of the further development of the Internet. In Europe, this leading role is made possible by the collaboration of network engineers and managers from all over the region, facilitated and supported by TERENA.

TERENA is first and foremost a collaborative organisation. Its core business is to bring together managers, technical specialists and other people in the research networking community with their counterparts from other countries in Europe, mobilising the expertise and experience of hundreds of professionals in the research and education networking area.

Many of the people who participate in TERENA task forces, projects, conferences or workshops are not employees of TERENA member organisations but work in the wider research networking community, for example, in universities, research institutes or in industry.

More details can be found in the Activities section.

TERENA's Objectives

The overall objectives of TERENA are summarised in a quote from the TERENA Statutes:

...to promote and participate in the development of a high quality international information and telecommunications infrastructure for the benefit of research and education.

TERENA's Core Activities

TERENA has four core pillars of activities:
  • Providing an environment for fostering new initiatives in the European research networking community.
  • Supporting joint European work in developing, evaluating, testing, integrating and promoting new networking, middleware and application technologies through the TERENA Technical Programme.
  • Organising conferences, workshops and seminars for the exchange of information in the European research networking community, and pursuing knowledge transfer to less advanced networking organisations.
  • Promoting members' interests by representing the common interests and opinions of the membership contacts with governments, funding bodies, industry and other organisations.

TERENA's Main Bodies

Other organisations related to TERENA